Kyle Holbrook - Drums and Vocals

Kyle’s love of performing began at a very early age. He was a member of a children’s show choir at age eight. Kyle has also been involved in theater and just completed a run with the Showcase Players where he played the role of Javert in “Les Miserables”. In addition to his duties with the band, Kyle also is an accomplished Saxophonist, performing at the All-State level. Kyle fills the drummers throne with 3 O’Clock Rain and does so with confidence and authority. His musical maturity is far beyond what you expect from his age. He not only performs older than he is, but brings a work ethic to rehearsals and shows that belies his chronological age. Largely self-taught, he has developed a drive and sense of groove that anchors the band and forms the basis on which everything else rides. Kyle is a voracious drummer. He is not content to practice only on his kit, but is firmly convinced that the world is a drum set. He will play on anything that stands still long enough for him to get his hands - or sticks - on. His eagerness to serve God through sharing of his talents with the world has made Kyle Holbrook a valued member of 3 O’Clock Rain.

Jacqueline Holbrook - Keyboards and Vocals

Jacqueline is a multi-talented musician and performer.  Her introduction to public performance came at age nine when she became part of a group called “Broadway Babies”, and her skills and love of the stage continue to grow with each passing year. Her search for the spotlight has also led her to participate in theatrical productions, performing in “The Sound of Music”, “Showstoppers”, and most recently as Fantine in the Showcase Players presentation of “Les Miserables”. Her musical skills are also diverse. She has performed at the All-County and All-State level on voice and french horn, but her musical passion is without a doubt the piano. Jacqueline lacks the physical ability to walk past a piano – no matter where it may be – without playing it for at least a few minutes. It has been said that Jacqueline is either playing her piano, or sleeping. I have no doubt that when she dreams she dreams of playing, and if there were any way to play WHILE sleeping she would find it! This passion for the instrument is obvious in her style and technique as I’m sure you will see whenever you hear her play. 3 O’Clock Rain is fortunate indeed that Jacqueline Holbrook has seen fit use her talents in this ministry.

Cassandra Holbrook - Keyboards, Percussion, and Vocals

Like her entire family, Cassandra has been "musically inclined" since a young age. From recorder group in elementary school to Allstate Choir in high school and multiple college ensembles, Cassandra's love for music has permeated her entire life. She has received numerous honors and awards in her musical career. In high school she participated in solo & ensemble evaluations as both a solo and small ensemble in chorus and a soloist for oboe and received nothing less than a superior rating. She was also selected to be part of All-state and All-county chorus, and All-county band multiple times. In music, she found her ability to lead and has utilized that as a student leader, musical director for school plays, and a section leader in her church choir. Cassandra also enjoys acting and has been cast in many different roles including Mrs. Gloop in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Taylor in High School Musical, and Mother Superior in The Sound of Music. Aside from that, Cassandra enjoys writing - she has a novel in the works! - and amateur photography. She's also a great cook as one would expect of her Italian and French heritage and can crochet a mean scarf. She finds that kinder scarves are a little more tricky. 

Shauntelle Holbrook - Keyboards, Percussion, and Vocals

Calling Shauntelle Holbrook a performer is like calling Mozart a composer…an extreme understatement! Her love affair with the stage began as a child performer in church and continued and expanded through public school, college, and to the present day. Shauntelle was a member of All-State and All-County choirs in all of her eligible years as well as receiving superior ratings for multiple solo and ensemble performances in both choir and theatre. She continued her musical education in college studying under many wonderful instructors, and in her third year of study she won first place for musical theatre in the prestigious NATS competition. Beyond her studies, Shauntelle has remained active in performance appearing in various theatrical productions including Legally Blonde (Vivian), Fiddler on The Roof (Hodel), Sound of Music (Maria), and many others. In addition to her work on the stage, she has Directed and Musical Directed a host of productions including Grease, West Side Story, Footlose, and many others. Shauntelle has also been active in her church serving on the youth council, singing in the choir, and founding and directing a Christian drama troupe and praise band. Currently she volunteers at East Bay and Lennard high schools with their theatre programs—working with students for mainstage productions as well as competitions for solo, duet, group musical etc.—multiple students who have won superior ratings at both the district and state level. It is fortunate indeed that Shauntelle has found time in her schedule to be a part of 3 O’Clock Rain.

Kevin Holbrook - Guitar and Vocals

When Kevin Holbrook was very young, he had a dream of forming a band with his brothers and sisters. Unfortunately it never worked out. Even though the "family band" never materialized, he did develop a passion for music and for performing. Kevin has been involved with almost every aspect of the music business. He has worked with everyone from Merideth Wilson (writer of "The Music Man") to Heatwave (multi-platinum 70's dance band). His touring career saw him playing rock, pop, blues, jazz, big band , and even country music over a span of 20+ years...most of it spent touring full-time. He has also written scores for musical theater and movies, produced, been a studio "hired gun", as well as serving as musical director for a theatrical troupe, a theatrical school, and 2 Baptist churches. Kevin now brings his guitar, voice, hair, and road rat to the stage once again with 3 O'Clock Rain.It would seem that the idea of a "family band" simply needed a different family. Instead of his brothers and sister, it is now his wife, son, and daughters !!

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