2:59 Series - Sovereign pt. 2

So, what would my life look like if I lived like I truly believed in God’s sovereignty? I would do more for his kingdom with less regard for my life. How could I possibly miss that? I mean, his sovereignty is my “favorite thing” about him. I would gush about it in my head – how he made every single thing I’m touching and still loves me and has my whole life planned out and knows every hair on my head.

How did I miss the mark on letting him BE sovereign??

I’d done it. I’d done the thing I said I wouldn’t do – what we all say we’ll never do – I held back areas of my life from him.

You see, I reveled in God’s sovereignty to create and to save. The fact that he was more than sufficient to bring me out of any situation was my comfort and my source of joy. I had somehow completely glossed over the fact that God is also sufficient enough to put me into situations.

I was laboring solely in my comfort zone. I was dealing with people I knew how to deal with in ways I knew how to deal with them. I was doing things I knew how to do very well. I was reading my Bible and praying and going to church and wondering why I wasn’t filled. I would tell myself over and over of God’s greatness and his awe-inspiring actions for me but I couldn’t feel it to the core of my being like I wanted and NEEDED to.

I knew in my heart and in my head that there was something missing. I was praying for God to reveal unconfessed sin. I prayed to the Spirt to stir up in me. I mourned the loss of my spark and cried to God to show me just what it was that was wrong.

And this was the answer I received: Live in the fullness of my might.

For many months leading to this big “aha!” I had been seeing need all around me. Daily I saw the homeless as I walked from my car to my workplace. I saw frustrated, angry people at the grocery store who needed peace. I saw co-workers whose homes were broken and who were completely jaded to the truth of God’s character. I saw church-goers who seemed to care more for socialization than evangelization. I saw all these things. I knew I needed to help. I knew I had a light that would shine bright in those dark places, but I was paralyzed by a fear that I couldn’t even place.

It wasn’t a nervous sort of fear or a hand-shaking, sweat-breaking feeling. It was simply the fear of the unknown. The discomfort of making first contact. The worry of sounding like a complete fool – maybe even like a Jesus freak. The instinctive nag to stay away from potentially dangerous people and situations.

But that is not how the subject of such a mighty king should operate.

If we believe that God is sovereign then we should GO with no inhibitions because it isn’t our blood that was shed to save (Heb 12:4). It isn’t our strength that breaks away chains and crumbles prison walls. It isn’t our mercy that reconciles creation to Creator. It isn’t our breath that breathes life into dry bones and fans the very flames of hell with the weight of its truth.

If we believe in a sovereign Lord then we believe in every promise he has given. He will never leave us or forsake us. He has overcome. He has prepared a place for us and we will never be parted from him there. No sickness, or crying, and or pain will be there and all things will be new because the Alpha and Omega who holds all time in the palm of his hands will MAKE all things new.

With that in mind there is nothing that should hinder us (Rom 8:31). Not the unknown, because God knows all. Not fear, because perfect love casts it out. Not discomfort, because there is more to be lost if we remain comfortable. Not feelings of inadequacy, because God will equip us. Not shame, because God has forgotten it already. We are left without excuses.

I was shown that God’s sovereignty is more than just a reminder of all that he has made and all that he is – it is the driving force behind everything he WILL do. Just as his sovereignty led him to take action and pick up his cross, it is my duty, my right, and my privilege to carry mine and follow after him.

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