Perspectives from the Booth

Our inaugural concert is a wrap and overall it was an incredible night. Above all, God was praised and five decisions were made to follow Christ. To God be the glory!

And all the glory is His. I realized this more poignantly after our concert. I was berating myself for missing cues and forgetting to put up the words; feeling inadequate as I botched the sound. Then I stopped: it wasn’t about me or even the band. It’s about the Lord and furthering His kingdom, and that was accomplished as lived were saved and he was worshiped.

Praise God – the night was a huge success. God measures success in a totally different manner than us. He cares not how much money is accrued, what gadgets are acquired, or if we dress to the nines. Likewise, it matters not to God if the words are on the screen, that the lights are shining on the appropriate person or that the sound was melodious. God measures success in lives won for His kingdom.

So as we go forward, we pray for God’s guidance, wisdom and blessing. Hhis guidance in how he wishes 3OCR to proceed, the wisdom to follow His leading and his blessings as we continue to lift Him up and glorify His name.

As we continue to praise him, com join us at Simmons Loop Baptist May 31st and enjoy our pastor, Stacey Bowen’s, series “Love your neighbor – Share Christ.” We’ll rock the afternoon away, sharing Christ as we know best, through music and worship.

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