3 O'Clock Rain is a Christian band based in Tampa Bay Florida. Our mission is to share the talents God has given us wherever and whenever He allows us to do so. We are “Unashamed, Uncompromising Christian music...with an edge”. Five instrumentalists all of whom are also strong vocalists  with a diversity of musical backgrounds from classical to metal, all combined to deliver a fresh new sound with a timeless message.

Our passion is to fulfill the great commission to the best of our ability. We will take our music and His message to “the uttermost parts of the earth”! To that end we individually and collectively sacrifice other pursuits to prepare for this ministry. We are and will be ready for whatever success God has planned for us.

We prepare ourselves personally. We seek the face of God through prayer and study of His word to give us strength to live for Him and inspiration for songs that present His message and His message alone. We practice to improve our musical skills and continually bring new ideas to our performance and songwriting.

We prepare ourselves corporately. We rehearse, and rehearse, and rehearse! We rehearse when we are tired, when we are unhappy, when we don’t feel well. We know that we are called to this work and we will not allow anything to deter us. This is service to our Lord and as such it deserves our very best. It deserves our all – and we gladly give it.

We will not fear greatness. It is our belief that God will use us to spread His word throughout this country and beyond. We expect to play for thousands and tens of thousands of people, and insure that while at our shows the audience will have an encounter with God and be given an opportunity to accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ. All of our efforts are with this in mind. When He calls us, we will be ready. If however He chooses to keep us close to home playing for small intimate groups we will still count our efforts as well spent. At our first show there were several people – some of whom were quite close to us – who accepted Christ as Savior. If we spend many years working as hard as we are now and only see a few more (or even 1 more) souls added to His kingdom then we will praise Him for allowing us to be a part of that.

God sends the Rain in His way at His time, and for this we are grateful.



















Enjoy the Rain!

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Enjoy the Rain!

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